BBF’s Board of Directors

BBF proud to have the following individuals serving as our Board of Directors.  Their input and expertise is very valuable.


Nickie Scott- Is the founder and President of BBF. Nickie has a degree in Special Education and brings that knowledge to BBF.  She is also the mother to Bentley, to whom the company is named for.

Samantha Youngblood-Serves as the Vice President of BBF.   Samantha is a small business owner and bring her talents of how to work with the public and other businesses to BBF. She is the perfect person to step in and help the president. Samantha is also the mother to Frankie, who is a Reading Buddy.

Kate Pearson- Serves as Secretary for BBF.  Kate is also the mother to Dory, who is a wonderful reading buddy!!  Kate is currently in  college studying to be a Social Worker.

Terry Scott-Serves as Treasurer.  Terry’s experience as a banker serves as a big asset to BBF in keeping the books and finances all in check.  Terry is a graduate of the IU Law School.

David Youngblood-Serves as the Chairman of Fundraiser.  Dave brings his people skills and his business sense to BBF.  He is instrumental in writing and obtaining significant grants.

Jim Matthews-Serves as a Committee Member at Large.  Jim has wonderful connections to people and businesses in Hancock County. Jim also serves as daddy to Bentley, the Beagle, who serves as a Reading Buddy for BBF.

Kim Youngblood-Serves as a Committee Member at Large and a tie breaker when there is a vote.  She lends her support when ever needed for the BBF volunteers.