BBF Having Fun!!!


This summer Bentley’s Buddies started a new tradition…reading camps!! If you missed our camps this summer, never fear, Bentley and his Buddies are busy planning more camps for the school year. We’ll have details on this website as well as Facebook when finalized.

Camp 1 we read Happy Birthday Cupcake!  by Terry Border.  Campers worked in teams to plan a perfect party…they did everything from making invitations to playing with their food 🙂

Camp 2 we read Buddy the First Seeing Eye Dog by Eva Moor.  Campers got to meet Mr. Phil and learn how Kodiak became his seeing eye dog!


Camp 3 we read The Night Before a New Pet by Natasha Wing.  Campers got to meet Dr. Keating, a local vet, and discuss how to prepare for a new puppy.  We also had a visit from some puppies that want to be therapy dogs when they grow up!

Camp 4 we read Remembering Vera by Patricia Polacco.  Campers got to learn about dog heroes.  They also got to meet Garrison, a real life dog hero!! Garrison is a member of The Hancock Search and Rescue Dogs.

Camp with puppies is so much fun we couldn’t stop with just one!  At our last two camps of the summer we again read The Night Before a New Pet by Natasha Wing.  Campers got to discuss how to prepare for a new puppy.  We also had a visit from some puppies that want to be therapy dogs when they grow up!

Camp 5 we had a wonderful group of readers from Indy with Kids!!

Camp 6 some great readers from Carmel Mom’s group joined us for our final camp day of the summer!

2018 Hancock Public Library Kickoff


2017 Boy Scout Christmas Party at New Palestine Elementary

2017 Donuts with Santa at Weston

2017 Woodland Terrace Trunk or Treat


Congratulations to team BBF!! We are the 4 time winner of the Riley Days float!!! Thank you for selecting our float again this year. We are so blessed to be able to share our dogs and volunteers with the children of Hancock County!! We are blessed to live in a county that believes in our children and always wants to see them succeed in everything they do!! Thank you!!!

Foxy is an Official Reading Buddy!!!

BBF just loves Girl Scout Troop 1134. They brought a donation of new books from Houghton Mifflin. Thank you so much Girls!!

You’re never too young to help others and these two readers are living proof. They cleaned out their bookcases and donated their own personal books to BBF to help other kids. Bentley and his Buddies thank you soooo much. You are PAWESOME!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What did you do this summer?  The reading never stops at BBF and this summer we had some great readers come to the office to read to Bentley and Mikey.

Jane Lyon presented a check from Brandywine to BBF. Thanks for the support Brandywine Bulldogs!!

This office reader got an award at school! We are so proud of you!

Bentley and his Buddies had a great time at the Sugar Creek Elementary Carnival.

These Girl Scouts made bookmarks, collected back packs, lintrollers and books as part of their requirements to earn their Bronze Award. BBF is so proud of you girls!!

The dogs have taken over the bowling alley!! BBF’s 2017 Bowling Fundraiser at Strikeforce Lanes was a great success.  BBF had something for everyone.  Of course bowling was the main event, but a bake sale, a silent auction, and even a kissing booth made for great times.  Thanks to everyone that came out to support us and of course a big Thank You to all our awesome sponsors.  Can’t wait until next year!



Thank you to Weston Elementary for inviting BBF to their annual Donuts with Santa!!!  Our Buddies had a terrific time listening to all you read!!!!  As you can tell, some of the buddies were put to sleep with your wonderful reading!!   yuma riley img_1465 img_1466 img_1471 img_1476

One of our favorite times of the year.  When we get to hand out a book to every child who is on the BBF program.  We  were able to give out almost 600 books this year!!!! One of our favorite times of the year.

   christmas-2016-11 christmas-2016-7 christmas-2016-8christmas-2016-13christmas-2016-14christmas-2016-9 christmas-2016-10 christmas-2016-6 bbf-christmas-2016-5 bbf-christmas-2016-4 bbf-christmas-2016-1 bbf-christmas-2016-1-2

Yes, we have a rooster listening to kids read!!!


Silly Bentley enjoying his time reading!!! bentley-readng-3 bentley-reading bentley-nap Frankie ready to go to Brandywine Elementary School!!  His first day of school picture!!   BBF had a wonderful donation of books from a nice lady in Greenfield.  We had enough book to give every student on the program a book at Christmas.  We gave out nearly 800 books!!  Thank you to our donor!! IMG_8398 IMG_8401 IMG_8404 IMG_8406 BBF participated in the Riley Days Parage!  Our float took 1st place again this year!!  What a great time we had seeing all our friends as we went by!! Riley Days 1 Riley Days 2 Riley Days 3 Riley Days 4 Riley Days 5 Riley Days 6 Riley Days 7 Riley Days 8 Riley Days 9 Riley Days 10 Riley Days 11 Riley Days 12 Riley Days 13 Riley Days 14 Riley Days 15 Riley Days 2015 BBF hanging out at the Brandywine Fall Carnival!!  What fun we had meeting the kiddos and listening to them read.  BBF was even invited to participate in a cupcake eating contest!!!  Harley was the winner hands down!! B Carnival 3 B Carnival 4 B Carnival 5 B Carnival 29 BCarnival 2 BCarnival 6 BCarnival 7 BCarnival 10 BCarnival 12 BCarnival 13 BCarnival 15 BCarnival 16 BCarnival 17 BCarnival 18 BCarnival 19 BCarnival 20 bCarnival 21 BCarnival 22 BCarnival 24 BCarnival 26 BCarnival 27 BCarnival 28 BCarnival 30 BCarnival 31 BCarnival 32 BCarnival 33 BCarnival 34 BCarnival 35 BCarnival 36 BCarnival 37 BCarnival 38 BCarnival 39 BCarnival 40 BCarnival 41 BCarnival 42 BCarnival 43 BCarnival 44 BCarnival 45 BCarnival 46 BCArnival 47 BCarnival 49 BCarnival 50 BCarnival 51 BCarnival 52 BCarnival 53 BCarnival 54 BCarnival 56 BCarnival 57 BCarnival 58 BCarnival 59 BCarnival 60 BCarnival 61 BCarnival 62 BCarnival 63 BCarnival BCarnival1 BCarnival8 BCarnival9 BCarnival23 BCarnival31 BCarnival61 Jack is listening intently to this little gal read!!  Notice he has both paws on her legs and the smile on her face.   Jack and Carmie] Tessa, Tallulah and Ollie at their first day of school!!  I think the kiddos missed the  Reading Buddies and as much as the Reading Buddies missed them!   Look at all the smiles!! IMG_7335 IMG_7325 IMG_7334 IMG_7333 IMG_7332 IMG_7331 IMG_7329 IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7324 IMG_7312 IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7328 IMG_7312 IMG_7323 IMG_7319 IMG_7318 IMG_7317 IMG_7316 IMG_7322 IMG_7321 BBF’  getting ready for school!!  Lisa from Bullyhead Dog Obedience School gave us all a refresher course in how we should act!!    Hreat time with a great team of volunteers!!! IMG_7240 IMG_7228 IMG_7232 IMG_7231 IMG_7230 IMG_7229 IMG_7259 IMG_7258 IMG_7257 IMG_7256 IMG_7238 IMG_7237 IMG_7235 IMG_7234 - Copy IMG_7233 IMG_7256 IMG_7255 IMG_7254 IMG_7252 IMG_7252 IMG_7241 IMG_7235 Our Fall CGC testing class!!   Lucy, Sherlock, Ollie, Bozer and Gracie  were in attendance!! IMG_7080 IMG_7079 IMG_7078 IMG_7078 - Copy IMG_7079 - Copy IMG_7081 - Copy IMG_7080 IMG_7116 - Copy IMG_7117 - Copy IMG_7118 - Copy Muffin is making such a difference in the confidence of this young man.  He did such a terrific job reading to Muffin and did not struggle that the teacher requested a picture of the 2 together!!! Muffin 4-2015-3 Look how cute Sally Su is!!  She sure enjoys listening to the kids read at Sugarcreek Elementary!! Sally Su 4-16-2015- 1 Sally Su 4-16-2015 Muffin brings  such joy to  her classroom each time she visits!!  The kiddos love reading to Muffin!!! Muffin 2015-1 Muffin 4-20152Muffin 4-2015 Bentley took time out from reading at Active Tots Daycare to work with the kiddos on taking turns and being a good listener to their teacher.  Do you think he enjoyed this activity? Bentley Slide 2015Bentley Slide 2015-1Bentley Slide 2015-3   Bentley Slide 2015-4 Students at JB Stephens Elementary took time out from the carnival games to read and love on BBF’s reading buddies!!  What a great time everyone had!!! JS Stephens Carnival JB Stepohens 2015-5 JB Stephens 2015-18 JB Stephens 2015-17 JB Stephens 2015-16 JB Stephens 2015-9 JB Stephens 2015-10 JB Stephens 2015-11 JB Stephens 2015-12 JB Stephens 2015-13 JB Stephens 2015-14 JB Stephens 2015-15 JB Stephens 2015-2 Jb Stephens 2015-1 JB Stephens 2015 This young lady was the winner of our “Guess the Kibble” game at Sugarcreek Elementary’s carnival.  She won a free reading session with one of BBF’S Reading Buddies!! Sugar Creekl Winner 2 Tessa and Tallulah helping students at New Pal Elementary improve their reading skills!! T and T 1 T and T 2 T AND T BBF was invited to have a Reading booth at the Sugar Creek Elementary carnival.   The kiddos took time out from the fun and games to practice their reading to a Reading Buddy!!  What a great time everyone had!!! Sugar Cree 1 - Copy Sugar Creek - Copy SUgar Creek 5 - Copy Sugar Creek 6 - Copy Sugar Creek 7 - Copy Sugar Creek 8 - Copy Sugar Creek 9 - Copy Sugar Creek 10 - Copy Sugar Creek 11 - Copy SUgar Creek 13 - Copy Sugar Creek 14 - Copy Sugar Creek 16 - Copy Sugar Creek 17 - Copy Sugar Creek 18 - Copy SUgar Creek 19 - Copy Sugar Creek 20 - Copy Sugar Creek3 - Copy SUgar Crek 15 - Copy Sugare Creek 4 - Copy     BBF participated in the Greenfield lights Parade at Christmas!!!   We were a hit!!!! PEaches ChristmasBBG ChristmasBBF Christmas ParadeBBF Christmas Parade 6BBF Christmas parade 5BBF Christmas parade 3BBF Christmas parade 2BBF Christmas parade 1Cherry   BBF had a donation of Beanie Babies.  We were able to give every child on the reading program a Beanie baby for Christmas.  Thank you to our special donor.   BBF Christmas BBF Christmas2 BBF CHristmas3BBf Christmas 1   BBF attended a special Christmas Party with the Girl Scouts of Hancock County.  What fun they had reading with the dogs and writing their own story.  They made toys for the rescues!!  Great bunch of girls!! GS PArty Girl Scout party GS Party 2 GS PArty 3 GS Party 4 GS PArty 6 GS PArty 7 GS Party 8 GS PArty GS PArty5 party 3 party 4 party 5 party 6 party 7 party 8 party 9 party 10 party 11 party 12 party 13 party 14 party 15 party 16 party 17 party 18 party 19 party party1 party2     Frankie celebrating his birthday with his friends at Brandywine Elementary. Frankie Birthday 3 Frankie Birthday 4 Frankie Birthday 5 Frankie Birthday 6 Frankie Birthday Bentley  representing BBF at the recent tail gate party for the Band.  BBF is a proud Fermata sponsor. 11-11-20104-1 Monique as our public educator teaching kiddos about pet  care and history. Mo History Mo Dr. Tessa and Tallulah at New Palestine Elementary. Tessa 11-11-2014 Tessa and Tallulah 11-11-2014-3 Muffin at Sugarcreek Elementary.  She is a natural talent at this reading thing!!! muffin 10-3 Muffin 10-3-1 Muffin 10-3-2 Muffin 10-3-4 Muffin 10-3-5 BBF in our first Riley Days parade!!  We took first place honors for our float!!   It was a cold morning but oh what fun we had!! Riley Days 2 Riley Days 3 Riley Days 4 Riley Days 5 Riley Days 6 Riley Days 7 Riley Days 8 Riley Days 9 Riley Days 10 Riley Days 11 Riley Days 12 Riley Days 13 Riley Days 14 Riley Days 15 Riley Days 16 Riley Days 17 Riley Days 18 Riley Days 19 Riley Days 20 Riley Days 21 Riley Days 22 Riley Days 23 Riley Days 24 Riley Days 25 Riley Days Riley Days1 Tessa and Tallulah listening to students at New Pal Elementary!!  They love listening to these kiddos!! 9-26-1  9-26-3 9-26-4 9-26-5 9-26-6 9-26-7 Bentley reading with his friends at Brandywine Elementary.  Look at those happy faces!! Brandywine 1 Brandywine 2 Brandywine 3 Brandywine Bentley reading with his Pre-K friends at St. Michaels school. St Michaels 1 St Michaels St. Michaels 2 St. Michaels 3 St. Michaels 4 St. Michaels 5 This is one of our Pre-School students at St. Michaels.  We believe in teaching early reading skills

Midnight’s first day at Sugarcreek Elementary.  Such a good listener!!

Midnight Sugarcreek1Midnight Sugarcreek

Frankie listening to the Kiddos at Brandywine Elementary!!  What a sweetheart!!

 Frankie Brandywine 1 Frankie Brandywine 2 Frankie Brandywine 3 Frankie Brandywine 4 Frankie Brandywine 5

 Frankie’s first day at Brandywine Elementary!!!  He had so much fun!!  So glad he has the energy to keep up with them!!!

Frankie 5 Frankie 2 Frankie 3 Frankie 4Frankie 1

Monique had her first day at the Daycare.  She had a hard time deciding what to wear!!  The kiddos loved her and we saw positive changes the first visit!!

 Mo Reading  Mo reading 3 Mo reading 1Mo reading 4

Miss Muffin attending her first day at Sugarcreek Elementary!!  Can we say AWWWW!!!

 9-5-2014-7 9-5-2014-8 9-5-2014-9 9-5-2014-11 9-5-2014-12 9-5-2014-15 9-5-2014-16 9-5-2014-17

 Miss Tallulah enjoying listening to the 3rd graders read!!  She just loves her job!!!

9-5-2014 9-5-2014-1 9-5-2014-2 9-5-2014-3 9-5-2014-4 9-5-2014-5

Midnight’s first reading at Andree’s Florist!!  He was a great listener!!!  Bentley helped him listen to the kiddos read!!!

MD First read 3 MD First read 4 MD first read 5 MD First read 6 MD First read 7 MD First read 8 MD First read MD Frist read 1

Tessa’s first day at New Pal Elementary!!  Watch out  Tessa they are crazy with the stickers!!!

Tessa first Day 1 Tessa first day 3 Tessa First Day 4 Tessa first day 5 Tessa first day

Peaches first day at Headstart!!!  I don’t know who loved it more, Peaches or the kids!!!

Peaches first day 1 Peaches first day 2 Peaches first day 3 Peaches first day 4 Peaches first day 5 Peaches first day 6 Peaches first day

BBF at the Dog Days of Summer offering free reading sessions to visiting kids. 

BBF at Dog Days 2014 BBF at Dog Days 2014-1 Frankie showing off his official Reading Buddy Certificate!!!  Congratulations Frankie!!

Frankie and his Certificate 

Tallulah’s First Day of School at New Palestine Elementary!

Tallulah First Day Tallulah First Day -3 Tallulah First Day -2 Tallulah First Day -1 Back to School Bash 2014 at The Nutty Mutt Emporium 7-26-2014-97-26-2014-107-26-2014-177-26-2014-157-26-2014-77-26-2014-67-26-2014-57-26-2014-47-26-2014-27-26-2014-17-26-20147-26-2014-1 - Copy7-26-2014-127-26-2014-11